What People are Saying about The Man Behind the Curtain

To the first rule of storytelling ‘Make me care,’ Ron Elgin, in The Man Behind The Curtain, adds, ‘Make me laugh’ and ‘Make me think.’ In this latest collection of stories from a life before and during a brilliant career in advertising, Ron shares life lessons that range from the harrowing to the hilarious, from the embarrassing to the inspiring.

— Keith Reinhard

Chairman, Emeritus DDB Worldwide

The author made his living for more than three decades telling clients’ stories to the consumer and doing it really well. With The Man Behind the Curtain, Elgin has hit another ‘storytelling home run’! Even funnier and more engaging than Huckster!

— Michael A. Beindorff

Former Director of Global Advertising, The Coca-Cola Company

Barely fifteen minutes into the book, I collapsed in laughter, gasping for air, and making choking sounds. My wife raced to my aid, thinking this could be the ‘big one.’ My little dog jumped up on my lap, furiously licking away the tears from my cheeks. Fasten your seatbelts for a great read!

— Michael Brustkern

Chairman/Founder Exvere, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Just finished the sequel to my favorite book of 2015, Huckster. This new favorite is smart, crass, funny, disgusting, and absolutely brilliant!

— Andrew Skotdal

President, S-R Broadcasting

When I read Huckster, I had concerns about wetting myself laughing—with The Man Behind the Curtain, those concerns became a lot more serious!

— Nevil Hermer

Business Advisor and Partner, Xecutive Advisory Partners

I didn’t know I could laugh so hard. In fact, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to laugh again, but then I read Chapter 2.

— Tyler R. Tichelaar

Ph.D. and Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

The wild, wonderful, and whacky adventures continue as Ron Elgin, The Man Behind the Curtain, spills more beans on the hilarious life and times of an advertising maven.

— Susan Friedmann

CSP, International Bestselling Author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in a small Market

With self-deprecation and colorful dialogue, the author introduces us to a sweeping cast of characters that are often strange yet strangely familiar, with each lending a perspective on life’s little trials.

While I have always considered Ron to be one of the best intuitive leaders in the vast DDB Worldwide family, throughout his new book he properly features his wife Bonnie as the beauty and brains behind The Man Behind the Curtain.  in doing so, he provides an important example for all of us blessed with strong and supportive partners.  I especially like that.


Keith Reinhard (the rest of my review)

Chairman Emeritus, DDB Worldwide

I just read Chapter #54, “Conflict Policies…”  Classic Stuff!  You have a real gift, and you’ve had an incredible journey.  Years ago I read Mark H. McCormack’s great book, “What The Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School: Notes from a Street-smart Executive.”  You are right in that lane!

Kevin Buckner

Chief Commercial Officer, Fluidmaster, Inc.

This new book is brilliant in so many ways, that I hardly know where to start.  In most memoirs, the reader sees the genius as well as a few soft spots.  This author however, demonstrates unwavering humility while demonstrating that he is one clever, creative bastard, an outstanding businessman, not to mention exceptional leader and cultivator of people, plus an admirable loving husband, on top of being a truly talented humorist and writer.

The author has topped himself with this book, honing to perfection his voice as the modest but effective smart-ass.  From this he injects humor and anticipation into the entire narrative.  His stories move briskly, building momentum to a hilarious and/or insightful climax.  What a powerful combination!

In my mind, it takes exceptional intelligence to be funny.  Especially with the inclusive charm and cleverness deployed, no less than Dave Barry of P. G. Wodehouse.  Better than those other humorists, however, this book works on many levels.  In addition to the steady stream of business insights and life lessons, the italicized closings are gems of wisdom.  I’m ordering more copies for my friends and suggest you do the same!

August Selke

Consultant, Various Telecommunications Organizations

Ron, I just had to tell you how much I’m enjoying your new book!  First off, the episodic format with large type and leading is just the thing for us old guys who nod off easily.  Started it last night and couldn’t put it down until page 150!  Plan to finish at least by tomorrow night.  Can’t wait to resume the rapid-page-turning belly laughs!

Larry Coffman

Publisher, Marketing NW